One of the reasons soccer is the most popular sport in the world is its accessibility. Yes, you need some equipment to play, but at its core, soccer comes down to a ball, some determination, and if you’re lucky, a handful of people to play with, or against. Every professional player from every corner of the globe, from Lionel Messi to Christian Pulisic, started with a ball, a passion for the game, and the desire to get better.

How did they get better? They competed against the best soccer players every opportunity that they could, and they got noticed. They did both by playing in tournaments.

Soccer tournaments are one of, if not the, most accurate measurement of a soccer player’s development. Tournaments take athletes away from their day-to-day routine, and put them in an unfamiliar, disruptive structure; that’s a good thing. Forcing athletes to play outside their comfort zone is a great test of how good they really are, as a player.

Think about it. The fields, the coaches, their teammates, even a player’s off-the-field environment become habitual. Tournaments want to know: are you the same player if you don’t have those comforts of home? Will you stand out and be the best player on the field if you didn’t sleep in your own bed the night before? Besides, there’s no bigger wake-up call to an athlete than squaring off against a player they don’t know. 

Tournaments are a test of focus, commitment, and of how serious an athlete is about playing soccer. Not only that, playing in an unfamiliar environment against unfamiliar opponents is really the best way to find out just how much raw talent a player has.

And finding success in those settings is how you stand out. Tournaments are essential to getting noticed by scouts and coaches from all around the country. It’s no secret that the network of recruiting in youth soccer is far, wide, and deep, so you never know who you’re going to impress, or who that person knows.

These scouts know what they’re looking for, the characteristics they’re after in a player, and playing in a tournament showcases everything they need to know about each individual athlete.

Now, it’s up to the athletes and their coaches to find the tournaments that give them their opportunities. To learn more about Soccer Management Company’s upcoming events and tournaments, check out their region-by-region full schedule here.

Dallas-Fort Worth Area Soccer Training Arenas & SMC to Stage 4 Tournaments in 2021-22

Frisco, Texas, March 1, 2021- Soccer Management Company(SMC), a leading, national tournament and event organizer, has partnered with Performance Indoor Training (PIT+) to host four tournaments over the next two years. SMC will work with the Dallas-Fort Worth PIT+ and its state-of-the-art-facilities to showcase athletes of all levels. 

“The PIT+ has cutting-edge facilities that offer, among many other things, competitive leagues,” said Steve Lovgren, owner of SMC. “SMC is rapidly growing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with six tournaments in 2021 and eight in 2022. We wanted to partner with like minded individuals who have a strong reputation in the Texas soccer community, and the PIT+ checks all those boxes.”

Beginning in June of 2021 and running through April of 2022, SMC and PIT+ will host the Texas Gold Cup, Lonestar Legacy Cup & Showcase, the Dallas St. Paddy’s Day Invitational, and the Liberty Invitational. Dates and registration details are available here.

“We’re thrilled about our exciting new partnership with SMC,” said Aaron Gordon, COO of PIT+. “Steve Lovgren and his staff have proven to be one of the best tournament providers in the United States. As a league company, we understand the value of providing an experience that coaches, players and parents will enjoy. SMC hits the same mark when it comes to tournaments. We cannot wait to get started.”

With facilities in Frisco, Plano, and Roanoke, PIT+ offers soccer players of all ages access to the highest quality soccer training accommodations in Texas. PIT+ programs include junior academies for toddlers, seasonal leagues for both children and adults, and everything in between, while its individual training sessions will give young athletes a chance to develop and advance their game.

That’s why SMC was so eager to work PIT+. SMC has hosted thousands of teams in tournaments throughout the United States each year. Leveraging its expertise, with bringing teams together alongside PIT+’s facilities, will make for four unforgettable soccer tournaments for athletes and families alike. Learn more about SMC and their partners, PIT+’s facilities, and sign up now

About PIT+

Opening its first facility in 2015, the PIT+ facilities in Frisco, Plano, and Roanoke host more than one million visitors annually, including over 2,500 teams, and more than 30,000 league and clinic participants. Boasting two of Texas’ largest indoor turf fields, each PIT+ facility features indoor turf fields in Texas and two outdoor turf fields. The PIT+ provides opportunities for all ages to play soccer year-round, and includes a 40-acre sports park in Plano to accommodate its ever-growing outdoor soccer leagues and tournaments.

About Soccer Management Company

Soccer Management Company (SMC) began in June of 2013 with a single tournament, and has quickly grown to over 40 events. SMC hosts tournaments in 13 different states with plans for expansion. As a complete tournament service provider, SMC handles all aspects of event management including marketing, administration, logistics, on-site management, and web hosting. Through its extensive network of clients and contacts, SMC builds lasting relationships with coaches, teams and organizations to provide high quality events and tournament experiences.

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All coaches, players, referees and spectators are required to complete the Personal Screening Questionaire each day before attending the tournament.

Risk Management prohibits portable tents from being set-up on the turf fields.

RVA Turf Wars – 12 on your sideline – each team can only have 12 fans on the sideline because of the new order from the Governor of Virginia: 25 spectators per field.